a prayer for today

Ripton, Vermont

A couple of years ago, I agreed to offer a prayer of invocation at the start of a worship service. For whatever reason, words proved elusive. I wrote. I erased. I wrote again. I erased again. On and on. Finally, the night before the worship service, my efforts to write turned into a prayer. “Help,” I prayed.

Thinking that maybe fresh air would help, I went outside into the dark Green Mountain night, laptop in hand. I sat down in an Adirondack chair in the field behind my house, beyond the reach of lights. I closed my eyes. I put my fingers on the keyboard. And I waited. I felt the peacefulness of that dark night wrap itself around my anxious heart. I felt God in that darkness. Words came, eventually. A prayer answered, a prayer written.

It’s a prayer of comfort, for me. Words that settle my heart, that bring me to a place of stillness. I needed it today. Maybe you do, too.

Gracious God, we thank you for the gift of this day,
and for your love that sustains us every day. 

May we find peace in the quiet of you. 
May we find courage in the nearness of you. 
May we find wonder in the vastness of you. 
May we find faith in the mystery of you. 

Through Jesus Christ we pray. 

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